About Us

            What do you get when you mix a Georgia Boy, a Floridian and a Grandpa? You get a vape store known as No Limit Vapors! As you can see, there were many roads that had to be traveled to bring the three of us together but somehow we found each other and now we want you to find us as well.

            To understand who we are and to find out what we are about, you might first want to know about the name. When we were thinking about a name for our Brick and Mortar vape store, the first thing that came to our minds was the philosophy that all three of us live by….NO LIMITS! We believe that life has no limits and neither does vaping. We have all overcame obstacles in life from car wrecks that left us paralyzed to motorcycle wrecks that left us limping. We might have come upon this personal creed of “No Limits” in different states at different times but it is the common bond that brought us together.
            No Limit is the perfect phrase to describe the vaping industry as well. The vaping industry is still in its infancy but boy is it growing up quick! As it should be. People, after years of smoking death sticks, finally realized that there is a cleaner means of getting their nicotine or quitting all together with a little vapor device called an e-cig. From the first vaporizers and now with Mechanical Mods , Rebuildables, Box Mods, and so many more, the industry is growing up like a corn fed country boy from Westminster! And we here at No Limit Vapors plan on growing with it a little help from our friends.
            We don’t have customers, we have friends. We might not know you when you first walk through our doors but we will ask you your name, give you ours and shake your hand to start that friendship right off rip. We decided to bring it back old school. To bring it back to service with a smile, a true smile, where there’s no rush, where there’s no pressure, where all there exists is a game plan on helping you reach whatever your goal may be. Our store was founded on the motto “we love vaping but we love people more” and that is what you will find at our vape store. You will find three guys who are more concerned about helping you reach your goal, no matter how long it takes, than rushing you back out the door.
            Our true joy, what we take pride in the most, is when we have a friend walk back through our door and tell us that he hasn’t smoked a cigarette since he started vaping. That is what makes it all worth while. It only works because Vapors are a team.  
            We would love for you to become part of our team, a part of our vaping community, part of the fun! And boy do we have fun! If you sit at the Juice Bar long enough, you might see a football being tossed around, a Vape Bubble being blown (you can see this on our YouTube channel), there’s no telling what you might see! Just stop by the shop, shake our hand, let us know how we can help you and let’s start a friendship built off of no longer limiting ourselves with nasty smelling tobacco products but instead living a new way of life, a vape life, with NO LIMITS!